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For Candidates

For more than 20 years, Glenda Walton Penot has led countless talented individuals in the financial and accounting fields to find positions that satisfied and fulfilled them.

As Glenda helps each and every candidate navigate through the maze of career options, she recognizes the challenges each one faces. Her discretion and her attention to what matters to each candidate extends beyond simply identifying a role and an organization which will benefit from that candidate: she wants the  candidate to benefit as well. 

Identifying a new opportunity for you absolutely requires the assistance of someone who is well respected in his or her field – someone who will consider your goals, ambitions, and personal parameters as key elements in the search process. Be certain that your search is being conducted by someone who will steer you toward the position that perfectly matches your needs as well as your abilities.

  • Argenta offers a comprehensive marketing plan based on your career goals as well as your personal goals. We will always respect your needs and objectives. They will dictate the plan every step of the way.
  • We work with the utmost confidentiality. We will quietly and discreetly find opportunities for you, and will not refer your credentials to anyone without your knowledge and consent.
  • We provide counseling in all aspects of your search. From market awareness to salary negotiation to the interviews themselves, we will assist you and advise as much as you require.

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