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For more than 20 years, Glenda Walton Penot – the principal and primary agent of Argenta Financial Search –  has partnered with the hiring authorities of numerous international corporations, assisting them in identifying and attracting individuals who will not only make an immediate positive impact on their respective organizations, but who will bring long-lasting quality and competence to the table as well.

Employees are the most significant investments that today’s successful  companies make, and Glenda recognizes that talent is capital to each and every one of the organizations who engage her services. Making sound long-term investments in the hiring arena is critical to guaranteeing success, and Glenda’s ability to source, identify, and deliver exceptional talent is well documented.

Successfully filling a demanding and challenging position in your company must be undertaken by someone with experience, integrity, and knowledge. Be certain that your search is being conducted by someone who will give you quality candidates appropriate for the position they will fill.

  • Argenta offers thorough, comprehensive searches on a contingency or retained basis.
  • With our extensive database and strategic nationwide alliances in the Search and Recruitment industry, we can provide you with a thorough, efficient, cost-effective, confidential search.
  • We always take the time to completely understand your needs, your organization, and your company culture.

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